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The story of the Mental Manno electric bicycle

The first motorcycles were created on bicycle frames, so the link between bicycles and motorcycles is a close one. The sense of freedom we feel when riding a bike or a motorcycle is one of the enduring joys were have in life, and designing a new electric vehicle that recaptures the excitement of those early days is what has driven my efforts.
This story begins with a study of the racing motorcycles of the 1930’s. This exciting era in the history of motorcycles continues to be a subject of fascination, and the popular models from that era are the basis for the style that is the inspiration for the Mental Manno.
I knew a retro style would be the theme that I wanted, but I also knew that I would not compromise on using those modern components that would provide the safety and performance that I needed to create a product that I could actually use with confidence.
The front suspension fork was one part where I could integrate a classic solution that had both a retro style and still provided modern performance. I used a girder style fork, and it has performed flawlessly.
I chose dual motors for their performance benefits, but they also visually resemble the drum brakes from the classic era, adding to the retro style.
The most demanding design choice was the shape and location of the battery. If it was mounted in a retro motorcycle fuel tank, it would place the weight too high, and this would have a negative effect on the high speed handling. The top tube of the frame has been shaped to suggest a classic tank, but mounting the battery low has proven to make the Mental Manno’s performance very stable.
Todays road bicycles and mountain bikes have positioned the rider leaning forward, which allows the rider to stand on the pedals and shift their weight from side to side to help climb hills. Since electric bicycles have power available, they have more in common with motorcycles, so the Mental Manno’s rider posture is a relaxed position that allows you to take long rides with comfort, while still allowing you to add pedaling when you want.
The focus of the Mental Manno is to let you ride your streets with style and comfort, and to climb steep hills with unequaled performance. Dual motors provide the reliability and traction that cannot be achieved by any other method.
The dual disc hydraulic brakes are powerful 6-piston units, so you can use the full range of the Mental Manno’s performance with complete confidence.


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